One of my favorite design tools, I've been working with Solidworks for 5 years. It's fast, flexible, and I love that it's useful all the way from conceptual design to manufacturing.

Adobe CS5

A workhorse suite of software that every designer needs, I've used Adobe Suite on every project I've ever worked on. From the earliest stages of sketching, iterating, all the way to presenting and recording, these tools are indispensible.


It's the fastest way for me to explore, develop, and communicate ideas- whether I'm communicating with myself or with an engineer on the other side of the world.


Keyshot and Photoview 360 are part of my daily routine. Sometimes you just need a high level of realism to communicate or evaluate a design.

Model Making

I'm a strong believer in building models at every step of the design process. Sometimes it's paper and tape, sometimes it's 3D printed and painted, I've even soldered up custom circuit boards.

MS Office

It's easy to overlook the role an office suite plays in design, but impossible to get by without it. I've been fluent in MS office since the mid-90's.


I work hard, and I keep my cool under pressure. I work well with others and thrive on the collaborative nature of design.