• Initial Concept
    Ikebana started out as a CFL light with a wraparound plastic shade. The simplicity of the mechanism and commonly available parts made a very inexpensive light possible.

  • <

    Flat Panel LED
    As we were developing Ikebana, our engineer from Taipei introduced us to a new type of flat panel LED, similar to the one shown here, but without the requirement to be rectangular.

  • Organic Forms
    With the door open to create organic shapes with light, we started exploring flower and leaf forms.

  • Detailing
    I worked through a range of ways to connect and pivot the light head, through sketching, sketch models, and CAD.

  • Base Design
    Here are a few of the dozens of models I made to evaluate base size, shape, and proportion.

  • Simple Connection
    Gravity and Friction hold the light stem in place on the support pole. This allows infinite height and rotation adjustment. A jack and pivot near the head allow tilt and twist.


LED Table Light

With: Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

Client: Light & Contrast

Challenge: Design a cost-effective, highly adjustable light that showcases the latest capabilities in flat panel LED lighting.

My role: Design and development from conception to production

Honors, Awards, and Press:

• Best Lighting, ICFF Editor's Choice Awards, 2010
• "Inside the ICFF". New York Times, May 2011
• "ICFF 2010: Ikebana Arranging". Dwell Magazine, May, 2010
Images: Derrick Hurst, Stefano Massei