• Concept Sketches
    In the beginning, working through ideas about basic forms, functionality, and personality.

  • Concept Development
    We decided to make a flashlight that turns into a lantern, and started developing types of objects that could be used either way.

  • Evolution
    We had chosen a handful of keywords to define the characteristics of the light. These examples spun off the idea of an "animated" object, and began to introduce more volume into the form.

  • Refinement
    Renderings of a more volumetric, sculptural form.

  • Sketch Model
    Made of layered foamcore generated from slices of a CAD model, this series of sketch models gave us a chance to explore and develop the look and feel of the design.

  • Functional Model
    While we developed the form in San Francisco, our team in Shanghai developed the electronics. We put it all together to make a short run of functional models, which we showed at ICFF and other shows.

  • Tooling
    The plastic shell requires very sophisticated tooling. Eventually we found one vendor in southern Taiwan who had the machine and the skills to pull it off, but only after numerous rounds of design and tool modifications.


Portable / Rechargeable LED Light

With: Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

Client: Joby, San Francisco

Challenge: Design a sculptural yet rugged indoor / outdoor LED light.

My role: Design and development from conception to production

Honors, Awards, and Press:

• 2011 Spark Award, Spark Pro Design and Architecture Award
• Inhabitat Design Blog
• Core77 at Design Week 2011
• Apartment Therapy Marketplace
Images: Derrick Hurst, Alex Farnum, Adam Rzepka, Kinzaburo Kawasaki, Simon Tu