• Patented Ball Joint
    Trapeze moves unlike any other task light, 360° in every axis. The ball joint is at the heart of it all, here are just a few thinking sketches that helped me visualize how the joint could be made.

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    I built a simplified model of the joint in solidworks- this served as a "functional sketch", allowing me to prove that the concept of the joint is feasable. Later in the process I returned to this model to dial in the maximum possible travel for the joint.

  • Model
    This model, made with aluminum tubing, FDM parts, lead shot, and foamcore, gave me a chance to test the action and range of motion, leading to many refinements.

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    Another Model
    The first model showed us that the arm coming from the base needed to be angled, and I designed a testing base that would help us find the right angle. The more developed form in this model helped us make decisions about the appearance.

  • Machined Aluminum Models
    One visit to Shenzhen gave me a few weeks to work directly with engineers and machinists to explore different construction methods. We made giant leaps forward there through trial, error, and brainstorming.

  • Base Redesign
    The original concept called for a spherical base, which would be heavy enough to hold trapeze in place. Once we started testing with models, I realized that we needed area, not weight- and immediately started developing a thin, light base.

  • Functional Models
    While I was working with mechanical engineers to fine tune the moving parts, a team of electrical engineers was prototyping the thin plastic shell and innovative light engine for the head. These were the first models to put it all together.


LED Table Light

With: Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

Client: Joby, San Francisco

Challenge: Make a high-performance LED task light that can put light anywhere it's needed, while being easy to adjust with one hand.

My role: Design and development from conception to production

Honors, Awards, and Press:

• 2011 Spark Award, Spark Pro Design and Architecture Award
• 2011 Honoree, Interior Design Magazine, Best of Year
• 2011 Hit List, California Home + Design "Most Wanted"
• Best Products of 2011, Co Design, Fast Company
• Metropolis Magazine, March 2012
• Inc Magazine, September 2011. Print & web
• Men's Journal, September 2011, "59 Perfect Things". Print only.
• New York Times, May 2011
• Huffington Post, May 2011
• MSNBC.com, June 2011
• Apartment Therapy, May 2011
• Moco Loco Design Blog, May 2011
Images: Derrick Hurst, Alex Farnum, Eric Hale